After months of careful planning, you work up the courage to go to the dealer and buy a new car. Upon arrival, the salesperson greets you with a smile and shows you the hot ticket cars for sale in their inventory. He convinces you that he is your friend and everything goes downhill.

Several trips to the business manager’s office and hours later, you own a new car at the highest interest rate and price. Of course, you think that the salesperson has saved you thousands. He knows that your frustration has considerably contributed to his commission from the sale. It will take you years to pay off the car, but only a few months after purchase will shed light on the “deal” that was a ripoff. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have negotiating practices in your corner before visiting the dealer? Enter, Auto Smart Offer

About Us

We are a company that believes in consumer leverage. Our customers are at the helm of bargaining which means that dealerships compete for their business. Registration on our database includes a price goal that establishes the maximum you are willing to pay for the car of your dreams. Dealerships ready to meet your terms rival for your business, and you determine which offer best suits your needs. You never pay more than your goal price, and the entire buying process is transparent and from the comfort of your own home.

Consumers are demanding transparency in this age of technology, and Auto Smart is committed to delivering. We place the power of purchasing in the buyer’s hands by removing the middle man who is often too blinded by his commission to have your best interest at heart. You negotiate directly with dealerships who compete for your business.

Our Vision

Our Company is built on the following vision:

  • Provide a platform on which customers can make informed decisions
  • Eliminate the middle man in car buying who often does not have the customer’s best interest at heart
  • Use innovation and technology to make the customer experience in car buying more rewarding and affordable.
  • Save consumer time and energy by bringing dealerships to them
  • Streamline the consumer experience for added transparency and efficiency.

Our Mission

At Auto Smart Offer, our mission is to place purchasing power back into the consumer’s hands by giving our clients leverage with which they can negotiate a deal that best suits their needs. We provide a transparent experience that challenges dealerships to work for the business that they desperately need to survive.